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Streesmutprakan ICT Resource Centre
 established to support modern educational system for students, teachers, and staff of the school, as well as providing support services to the parents, the local community and other involved agencies. There are 2 resource centers in Streesmutprakan School which are TOT Resource Centre and Urai Resource Centre, providing the information as follows;


Streesmutprakan Resource Centre has been improved since the academic year 2551. first, Ms. Rabiab Kokiattikun, the school director, had a policy to establish an ICT room on the 3rd floor of Sobsamaiburawas Building for Streesmutprakan teachers and officers to improve their teaching and to develop themselves in order to catch the modern era. Later that year, Streesmutprakan School was selected to participate in the TOT IT SCHOOL, a CSR project to restore the benefit of society. The budget for the project is about 100 million per year to focus on expanding into the Internet by various schools to see the importance of learning for their students and can also be made available to people who live in the neighborhood.

On the 26 of September 2551, TOT Resource Centre of Streesmutprakan (the old ICT room) was open. It was the 2nd TOT IT SCHOOL project after the opening of the first one at Phatthalung School. The room was moved from the third to the ground floor and renamed TOT Service Centre of Technology, providing of Internet search and print the results for the students, teachers and other staff in the School. It is also used as classrooms or meeting rooms for small groups of students, teachers and any other school business. 

In the academic year 2553, Mr. Prakasit Youngkong the director of Streesmutprakan School, realized the importance of information retrieval systems in teaching and learning process which encourage students to take time to benefit. However, there was no more room available. A new resource Centre, receiving the fund from the Thai Kemkang Project, was constructed by modifying the hall on the first floor of Building 4 and named as Urai Resource Centre.

Urai Resource Centre.

The opening ceremony of Urai Resource Centre was held on the 12th January 2554. It contains modern technology equipment, such as the Touch Screen Monitor and Barcode Scanner for student identification cards for logging in. The services including books of modern media and technology, a modern meeting room which can accommodate a meeting for 10 people, a LCD TV, 30 notebook computers and wireless Internet access. There are also the services for document printing and scanning available for the teachers, students and other school stuff. Anyone can access all the services except for notebook computer borrowing which is available for teachers only.


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